seat highth

hey i have a torker DX, and i if you look in my pro have the seat pretty high, and thats always how i have ridden it, long legs i guess (dad cant ride it).

Well i decided to take it down lower to see how it works, it works great with everything like 5 times better, but my question is that should i keep it there because it affects my gliding/360 unispins, i cant only do 360 unispins like 75 percent of the time, i think ill prolly get used to it, any tips?

Any tips on gliding?
er… well you could put it slightly higher than low :wink:

lol no not on low, nvm, it was on should i keep the seat tht highth, but i even took it lower, it is pretty good tht way.

I landed a smallspin on it!!!

Cool, how you learn to glide?

how i learned is, after you get going 1 foot wheel walking on just a level street go as fast as you can and automatically youll feel how it is to glide, then eventually youll get it.

What’s a small spin? I find a low seat awesome for seat in riding. I can rolling hop higher and static seat in higher. But if it is too low it makes sif really hard for me so I keep it in the middle mostly.

it is where you rotate your uni 180 degrees and hoptwist 180 degrees, i have an ok one in my gallery.

Ive done better ones though.