seat hight

What are the going standards on seat hight?? I started with the seat real
low, then moved it real high early in the learning prossess. but now that i’m
a fairly stable rider, i tend to keep it real low agian to give me more
flexablity to jump perpendicular up curbs at speed, it seems defenetly better
for trials or muni, and i feel more stable in general then with a high seat.
also i find it hurts far less in the undersaddle area. where do other people
run their seats? and why?

u might call my seat position rather high
i recently started riding with the balls of my feet on the pedals instead of the arch of my foot
this has given me a touch more height for hopping
i do prefer the saddle up a bit
u’ll probably find the majority of answers will centre around the ‘what’s comfortable for me’ idea
interesting observation
when i stand next to my 20", the front of the saddle touches my hip bone (the medico’s call it the krisna)

There’s two heights for me.
One, like on a bike, has the seat high, so my legs can almost fully extend, but not straighten. This makes long rides more effortless.

However, if I’m gonna play around, hops, drops, tricks ‘n’ such, I lower it a few inches so I have more room to play with…I can pull it up higher, for example.

Re: seat hight

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:50:27 EDT, wrote:

>also i find it hurts far less in the undersaddle area.

Just curious: what do you have under your saddle that hurts?

Klaas Bil