Seat Help???

Once again, Chirokid needs your help (really my daughter).

My 8 year old daughter needs a new seat. She has a 16" Jugglebug from The seat is the red and black one that came with the unicycyle. On the underside it says, CiONE 216, I assume that is the name of the seat.

The problem is, when she rides for over 25 or 30 minutes, she starts to really hurt on the inside of her thighs.

She is acutally getting little raw spots on each of her inner thighs. She has pain and you can see she is trying to ride bow-legged to keep her thighs from touching the large part of saddle.

I would have talked to John will at last week, but I really felt with more riding, the problem would go away. I has not, every ride we seem to have to cut short because of her pain. HELP, Because SHE LOVES TO RIDE!!!

Any recommendations? What kind of saddle should we try? --chirokid–

Just try putting sheep skin over the seat, works sometimes…plus its nice and warm :smiley:

You could try the Torker kids saddle

It’s a smaller, kids size saddle. It’s also more narrow up front which should help keep her legs from rubbing as much.

You’ll want to verify with that the Torker saddle will fit on the Jugglebug seatpost. I don’t know what bolt pattern the Jugglebug and Torker seat use.

I would say have her wear some tight spandexy shorts thingys and then some synthetic soccer shorts. The spandex slides over the smooth soccer shorts, instead of getting stuck to the seat.


Cycling Shorts could be the answer. Bicycle Shorts or Cycling shorts whatever you want to say it. I seen them on Girls all the time and they had no problems at all. I maybe wrong but give it a try.


I’d say wear Lycra padded shorts, possibly use talcum powder or similar as well. Some improvement may be made by very slightly raising or lowering the seat, and by adjusting the angle of the seat.

Experiment a bit and you might save the cost of a new seat.

Good luck.

yeah cycling shorts are good
I used 3 get this epsecially on long distance rides till i got my KH velo seat, ahhhh comfort has come :slight_smile:

Thanks to all…

I appreciate all your comments. We will try the shorts first, then covering the seat. --chirokid–