Seat help please

I have a new sun 26 inch unicycle which i can ride just fine but would love suggestions on which seat to buy. The stock seat shape is no good for me and smashes my errr “family jewels.” Seems to me a flat seat would be ideal, it’s the upturned front of the seat that is the problem. I tried adjusting the seat but there is not enough range of adjustment to flatten out the seat. Anyone have an experience with this sort of problem? Any seat reccomendations? thanks so much! David

A Kris Holm Fusion works for me.


Tilting the nose of the saddle up actually helps. You wouldn’t think so, but it does. Tilting the nose of the saddle up gets you to sit on the back part of the saddle and keeps you from sliding down to the lowest part of the bottom of the “U”. If you’ve been trying to make the saddle flatter by lowering the nose of the saddle then you’ve been adjusting it the wrong way.

i got the same problem i have ordered my kris holm seat from and it looks much more compfy than the one i have now.

Re: Seat help please

In your profile, you are a self-described newbie. Many young riders ride
with their regular underwear, usually boxer shorts. Bad Idea. The
problem you discussed may be alleviated by wearing some sort of scrotal
support garment such as underarmour. When it comes to the family
jewels, you won’t be having fun until they’re having fun.

i ride in boxer shorts unless i’m going for a long ride. with practice you’ll get used to it and your body will find a way to seat itself more comfortably. that said, tilting the seat back works wonders. as does riding on a seat like a KH or an air seat insead of a viscount or something.

Once you get more steady you should think about adding some handle bars, they take a bit of your weight off the seat, which relieves a lot of pressure

no problem!

i’ve never had any problem with comfort

i never wear and flash pants, just my regular boxers and jeans or cargo’s,

what i do is literally lift the whole family jewels up as far as i can so theyr out in front of me on the seat. sounds crazy but even after landing hops on my muni i’v never had a bad experience!

doh! i just jinxed it!

its our webpage! i know only 1 page is up now but plz check it out and let me know what u think? thers gona be sum unicycling bits up soon.