Seat Heights?

Just out of interest, does anyone have any info on advised seat/saddle height for different kinds of Uni skills.
I do mostly trials with a bit of freestyle and Muni and also wondered what seat would be most suited to mainly trials.(i’ve got a budget £10.50 one at the moment. :thinking:

Just another point. I’m a bit low on cash so if you know of any good saddles that are not too expensive that would be nice.

Currently I’ve got the seat on my trials uni very low; it’s a little weird to ride on but much better for jumping ‘n’ stuff because you can crouch lower, and have slightly more room between the seat and extreme crushing pain.

It sounds like having the seat high is good for freestyle and stuff…

For MUni I’d go with a combination of the two, depending on the terrain… if it’s just off-road but quite flat then quite high; if it’s technical stuff then have it down a bit.

Quite strange really. When I started my seat was far too low; after advice from here it slowly worked its way up. Now, though, it’s coming down again…

As for a decent seat… I can recommend none other than the Velo. Nice handle… comfy… hasn’t broken yet…

Phil, just me

I hadn’t seen that seat before but it looks pretty sweet. What about the front, is there a handle or metal loop or what?

Nice ‘n’ big plastic handle. Takes a bit of getting used to from the much smaller handle on a Miyata (if that’s what you’re used to, I suppose) but it’s good to grip and seems robust enough.

Phil, just me

I’ve never had a handle, just a plain, old bumber.
See you on Saturday

Seat height should be measured from the pedal at its lowest point of travel. For ideal ergonomics, riding forwards, set it as for a bicycle:

Sit on the seat comfortably, put the pedal at its lowest point, put your heel on the pedal (wearing flat soled shoues or trainers) and make sure your leg is straight but with the knee relaxed, not locked. Now when you put the ball of your foot on the pedal, the leg will be slightly bent at the knee at the lowest point of pedal travel.

Now, for general unicycling, it might help to lower the seat a tiny bit, just to give a bit more power to the braking/reversing stroke when idling.

For MUni, maybe a tiny tad lower than that, but not too much - especially if you don’t ride with a handle, otherwise when you stand up on the pedals, the seat falls out of the gap between your legs!

As for trials and stuff, ask one of the young lemmings… :wink: