Seat Height?

Hey everyone, I just got a torker lx - having a blast trying to teach myself how to ride… ( I can almost turn! ) !!!

Anyone have any suggestions on seat placement? The seat was crazy high. I had to cut it to make it go shorter.

there have been quite a few threads about seat hight,
but its usually easyer to ride SIF and long distance with your seat higher
and with your seat lower its easyer to do SI trails.
(but its easyer just to find something that feels good for you.)

I think its all about finding a good hight for you, not really something someone can tell you an exact hight for. I spent a lot of time playing with the height of my seat hen i as learning and fount it easier to learn with a higher seat, but not too high, but now i ride with quite a low seat because i do trials.

I experienced the exact same thing as you. the seatpost was massive so i got a frend to cut it for me. as for the height ppl said to me just do what feels good. generally i have my knee bent a bit.

it’s like balancing a broom on your finger compared to balancing a matchstick on your finger. the matchstick being short is impossible to balance and so it falls over, whereas the broom you could probably keep in the air until you got bored or tired. Think of stilt-walkers… it looks impressive but i bet once you get used to being up so high then they are probably really quite easy to walk with and balance on.

it’s probably the same reason pillion riders on sports-bikes are seated higher-up than the driver so that their body movements don’t drastically affect the balance of the bike overall.

Here is something you can try and it works…
Measure your inseam and set the height of the seat to your actual inseam. Measure from the bottom of the crank to the middle of the seat, not the top. That would be an ideal position to ride long distance. If you don’t feel comfortable, you sure have a good starting point.