Seat Height

I just got a new Torker DX for christmas and the seat is way to high. I cut off 3 1/2 inches but I still think it too high. I don’t want to cut off too much, but I want it to be comfortable. Oh yeah, I’m a street rider. I’ve watching Defect and Dan Heaton his seat is really low. Any suggestions?

just experiment.

for gliding and unispins and stuff I like my seat pretty high, but for seat in stuff I like it low.

play around with it/

street riders that I know ride low seat. but many ride high. basically it depends what works for you. and what works for you won’t work for someone else

yeah…i had to cut off some of my seat post the other day. It was pretty high. I could ride it ok, but it made it hard to get my seat in front.

I like mine super low. I’mm 5’5" and I have it 1" above the seat clamp. This is so I can stand over it easily with my feet flat. But I’ve heard of people getting knee pain when you have a real low seat. but If you ride with your knees out to the side a little it’s alright. I’ve rode some fair distances on it 30 miles I think is the farthest. I don’t have a didstance uni so I rode my trials. It was a charity thing.

Yeah, alex’s uni (and matt’s for that matter) are too short for me
i get major knee pain stuff happening. I have flat feet too, but thats one thing i LOVE about unicycling, is that flat feet don’t really affect you at all
Most other sports end up with me getting terrible shin splits…

Scary! I’m also 5’5", and I only took off four or so inches from my DX seatpost, so its five above the clamp. That’s low enough that I can easily pull the seat out, too, so if I stand, I’m a few inches up off the seat. I find this difficult to ride far.

Just wondering, how much does a replacement seat cost for the Torker DX? (seat and seatpost included)

I don’t think a direct replacement from Torker is available, so I would try UDC and get a Nimbus Gel Saddle and a United seat post for $50 plus shipping. The seat post is probably much weaker than the stock DX seat post though.

Fix that knee pain by doing low weight leg extensions.

I swear, it works.

I also have wee stubby legs and an inseam of 28.5".:o

That would be the difference; my inseam is 32-33".

Oh. I didn’t relize my legs were that short.:o