Seat height

I was curious about what people’s seat height was in comparison to their leg inseam.(the second number on your jeans’ size for the uninformed)

my inseams 35" and my seat (measured from the middle of the cranks to the bottom of seat) is 13.5"

I gots mine so I can stand over top of it comfortably. This way my roling hops are way easier as are unispins.

well my entire uni is 93cm tall… thats with the seat in “trials” position

my inseam is about 31"

Inseam 34", the curve in my seat is 35", so I can stand on the ground and have the seat under me and have a bit of weight on it.

i think i have my seat wayyyy to high

i used to have mine too low and my back woudl really hurt

if u do alot of SIF then u dont need it to be that low…

i can’t stand over mine at all. The wheel has to be a good foot in front of me for me to stand with the seat in

my seat is high enought that I just barely can’t touch the ground on my very tippy toes. But it good enough for everything I do and is maybe a little low for sif.

same here, i’m going to be cutting my seat post down more.

yea i just tried lowering mine…and it won’t go any lower. Stupid Qu-Ax, with its huge @$$ed seat post

yeah i had to cut my torker seat post about 5 inches when i got it.

well i have my seat at near freestyle heights, because for sif it is muuuch more comfortable.


is freestyle height higher than trials? I kinda like where my seat is however…because i do a lot of distance riding and freestyle stuff. But i wonder if i’d be able to jump higher w/ the seat lower.

wait is SIF easier with the seatpost higher???

Yes. because it makes it easier to pull up.

inseam is 29" I have my 24" Uni’s seat height set at 32" and my 20" trials seat at 30"

that makes sense, but wouldn’t you be able to jump higher with the seatpost lower?..because you can pull up more?

For seat in jumping, yes.

With a lower seat, you can then tuck it further up between your legs.

But for people doing SIF trials, they like it higher, because they dont have to bend over as much, and its more comfortable to hold onto.

Freestyle people like it higher because they dont have to squeeze their legs onto their frame when they are doing standup, or feet on the frame tricks, like one footed WW.

i see… I think i might leave mine where i have it for now because im learning to wheel walk and do similar things…and i’m getting better at jumping SIF