Seat Height

how high should I put my seat?

I want to learn to jump high and do a leg wrap, but to do that you need to have the seat low right (so you can put it infront of you, ie not sit on it)?

In some videos, I’ve seen unicyclists have the seat so low that there knee is at a right angle when the pedal is at it’s heighest point.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome. I am sure that if you use the search function you’ll find many posts relating to this.

Seat height is personal. You need to experiment. You’ll know when it’s too high or too low.

When jumping “seat in” (SI) you’ll want the seat lower so it has somewhere to go when you bend your knees. When jumping seat-in-front (SIF) you can have it higher since you won’t hit it when you bend your knees.

I find it a little easier to jump SIF with the seat higher than when normally riding trials. It makes the uni more stable since I don’t have to lean over to hold on to the seat, everything is done with the legs. If you are not ready for SIF jumping then you will need to keep the seat low enough to get some spring from your knees.