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i was looking at the gb and reeder handles on, and i can’t figure out how they attach to the seat/seatpost. how?

They are mounted on the seatbase with three bolts. They can be mounted to Miyata, carbon fiber, Viscount, and Semcycle saddles.

Please see:

and review:

  • Reeder Handle
  • GB Handle
  • Miyata Stiffener Plate

for descriptions and pictures.


They can also be put on those old style cheap Butter/Boggle finger seats where the seat cover is held on by four bolts.

You need to drill holes in the metal base.

I really like my Reeder handle, it’s a massive help on rough ground and steep up/down hills; it gives better leverage than just pulling up on the seat.

Mike Fule once posted that a Reeder handle is equivalent to having the next size up in crank length, but without the loss in speed.

Mr. Squish-

If you are considering getting a reeder handle, let me add my two cents. These things are heaven for the hand!

I was getting a little car-pull-tunnel (s/p) action in my wrist with the old miyata handles. Since the reeder is angled, no more problem. :smiley:

I would also recommend a carbon fiber seat with one of these things since you can start really getting some pulling power on the handle and a plastic seat may not hold up so well. With a reeder handle and my cf seat, the weekest link on my uni is now the seat post (im on my third one now).

The handle added at least a few inches to my seat-in hops as well. And it also looks like you got something hanging outa your pants when youre riding along – at least thats what ive been told.

Hope this helps. Take it easy.

carpal tunnel

what about the gb? anybody got something to say about it? compare it to the reeder maybe?

That must have been some time ago. With Mikefule’s recent remarks on crank lengths, I’m tempted to think that he would rather say that a Reeder handle is equivalent to having the next size down in crank length, but without the gain in speed. :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

I was looking at the web page, and I saw that the reeder can be mounted on a viscount. I was wondering if anyone has done this, and what do you think about the result. I would love to have a handle on my viscount, and this seems to be the only viable option. The site says to use “self tapping screws” I’m a bit worried about the over all strength of the setup if I don’t have something more solid for the screw to sink into (like a nut).


I did this and it worked great. I didn’t use self-tapping screws; I tried that and it was too difficult. Instead, a local machinist drilled and tapped holes in the seatbase, then installed hex-head machine screws. It worked really well even with hard pulling and crashes onto rocks and the like. He didn’t charge me but it didn’t take that long.

There was no need for nuts or interfering with the foam padding.

Good luck!

I drilled right through the foam on my Viscount, to mount the reeder handle. It is ugly, but it works.

Better yet, would be to carefully peel the front part of the foam and cover off with a razer blade, drill holes and install the handle, then glue the cover/foam back down.

I love the Viscount seat with Reeder handles. It’s rock solid… no flex.



The GB4 handle is intended to be more of a distance riding handle, but it works well for muni too. I used mine on my Coker, but now use it on my 29er. The 29er gets ridden off road often and the handle works great.


viscount seat +reeder handle
just skin the front part of the seat, then drill the holes, then bolt the seat on, then stick the cover back on.

its a realy good setup for trials, the only problem is that the viscount seat is realy uncomfortable.

No way… I use it for all my muni riding and trials riding. I got one on my Coker for commuting too. If you tilt the front up a little, it makes them more comfortable.


Re: seat handles

>evilewan wrote:

>> * the only problem is that the viscount seat is really uncomfortable. *

Mojoe <> wrote:

>No way… I use it for all my muni riding and trials riding. I got one
>on my Coker for commuting too. If you tilt the front up a little, it
>makes them more comfortable.

I agree with Mojoe. The Viscount is the most comfortable seat I’ve


Ken Fuchs <>

Like Nathan stated in an other thread. People prefer different saddles. I like KH saddle a lot, but my other experiences are on this: Standard saddle. Not too bad but not nice for a longer ride. About 2 miles and your butt can’t feel a thing.