Seat Handle

So I was practicing crankflips today and I one point when I jumped my hand slipped off, unicycle fell, I fell on uni, and seat handle dominated my ass. So now when I pull up or push down on the handle it creaks…I’m thinking I just need to tighten the bolts? Does that sound about right??

HAHAHAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thinking about I kinda wish I got it on film…even though it hurt pretty bad lol. Do you think it’s just the bolts need to be tightened?

Yes, tighten the bolts on the handle and also the setpost and bumper; they probably all need a little tightening.

My Magic 8 Ball says tighten the bolts and find out; the results will be a lot more conclusive than by asking us…

my conclusion is that unless you have a CF seat you broke your seat stiffener and/or seatbase…

yeah just take off your cover and foam and see if anything is cracked or broken