Seat handle

I have recently sold my 16" as a request so that I have more room for a 12" (Just for fun) I dotn want a discussion about why I want it and how its a waste or anything. Please can somebody direct me to a UK link that sells a seat handle for:
Unless somebody knows an even better 12" unicycle that isnt more money :slight_smile:
Btw this is 12" small not 12" tall.
Edit: Just found another one around the same price do any of you know if its better?:

Why do you want this, it’s a waste and… oh, right, we don’t mention that. Ok :smiley:

The short answer is that both of the saddles you linked to look like the kind that don’t take handles. It isn’t just a case of finding a handle with the right bolt pattern, but I don’t think you’re going to find they even have bolts there.

It does look like they have standard seat posts, however, so your easiest option is to go for a new saddle complete with handle. The cheapest option is this one;

However, the Nimbus Gel Saddles are a real bargain for £20, so you might want to look at putting one of those on something you’ll ride more regularly and move that saddle on to the 12"


:slight_smile: I didn’t think about getting a whole new seat! Thanks thats probably what I will do.