seat handle and scuff guard

I got my first unicycle about 4weeks ago and I have made te handles really scraped and scuffed. I know they are there for a reason but is it bad to really scuff them how much is average?

scuff them until they break. then get new ones or a new seat.

I plan on getting a KH anyways

If your guards arent scuffed your not riding hard enough!

They can get extremely scuffed up and scratched before you need one, I wouldnt worry about it until it cracks and effects how much you can pull on it.

Also, if the scruffs are starting to irritate you hand, get some sand paper and sand off the ruff edges to keep the handle smooth on your hand, or wear gloves.

dats what i do

that’s a good idea. when I got my new nimbus gel seat with the nice new handle, I was holding ti and it felt soooo nice and unscrathced. now it all one big giant scratch!:slight_smile: