Seat Grab (In the trials sense of the words)

Okay, i tried to search through the threads, but didnt find anything…so basically I’m asking if anyone has tried this before, and, if not, telling them to go out and try it, cause it is mega cool and ultra hip.

Okay, firstly the prelude. a week ago I learnt to hop seat infront all over the joing (applause). I still cant ride bvery far seat in front but hopping is easy. I have even got seat to the side (only my left and side) down pat as well…

Anyhow, i was doing the usual thing, hanging out with my buddies in town, trying crank grabs and such, when I was hit with a bolt of enlightenment…I was hopping seat in front and pulling the uni up underneith me, and as I was doing this I’d pull the uni sideways to give more height.

Then it came - why not try and hook the edge of my seat onto the lip of the object I was hopping next to?

I rode over to a high, overhanging ledge about 25cm higher than my seat. I hopped a few times then hopped up, snapped the seat out, and hooked it over the edge, leaning like all buggery to the ledge. and then I fell on my backside. hard.

many, many, many more trys later (I wont explain all of them) I managed to actually get the uni to stay on the ledge. (by this stage my seat was getting destroyed so we went to a hardware store and I bought a roll of duct tape to fix the problem)…the next time I tried I fell off again. and again, and again. But by the end of the day, I could confidently hop up and do a seat grab about 60/70% of the time, and i was happy with that.

The next trick is getting from seat to crank, and then from crank to rubber.

Ok, now the technical stuff -
I had to get my leg between the seat and the wheel so to speak, and have the seatpost pushed against my leg, to stop my leg from interfearing with the grab. My whole bady would slam against the wall each time, my hips and thighs slamming into the concrete ledge. I ended up with a sort of twisted posture around the uni, really hard to explain, but quite often it invoved me hanging onto the ledge with my free hand…

I plan to spend the next few weeks practicing my arse off (literally) and will post photos and maybe even vid shortly.

So, if you know how to do this, or know someone who can, let me know so I can improve my technique! If by some bizarre leap of fate I am the ‘inventor’ of this move, shower me with your praise and gifts, and create tacky shirts which say ‘i knew sam before he was cool’…
or something like that…


Several people have got there first but it still remains fairly un-explored. I could never get to wheel.

The trick I’ve been trying lately is jumping seat-out and landing on the side of the wheel in an effort to get more height.
That and rotating the pedals so that I grab with the pedal at the top of it’s revolution.

I seem to remember someone (Unibrow, was it you?) doing something similar, in jumping backwards and catching the back of the seat on a ledge.

I’m just looking at my uni to work out how far you’d have to jump from seat to crank… that’s a helluva long way, isn’t it?


Yes, it is a long way, and then there is the issue of how to get the pedal over the ledge.

I’m sure its not impossible. Maybe Kris could pull it off…I’ll keep practicing.

i suspect that it could be possible to grind like this, landing on a railing with the crank and frame…

What do you mean?

I hadn’t heard of the idea of going form seat to pedal. I think it’ll be done sooner or later, and I can’t wait to see it happen…go for it Sam!


Re: Seat Grab (In the trials sense of the words)

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 14:07:28 -0500, phil
<> wrote:

>I seem to remember someone (Unibrow, was it you?) doing something
>similar, in jumping backwards and catching the back of the seat on a

I remember that too. It was Unibrow in his Jus-10 incarnation. But I
think he never progressed from that back-of-the-seat grab to pedal or

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