seat foams, and stiffener plates

Like the title says I need some seat foams, and stiffener plates if anyone has any. I have a few bases, bumpers, and covers and need more foams to build up a couple seats for loaner unicycles.

If you have broken bases and kept the foams I would love to take them off your hands.



I have a velo base with stiffener plate you could have for the price of postage?

I already have 3 velo bases with no plates or foam. A plate would be nice but shipping from the UK would not be worth it.

I am more after foams but if I could get a plate with a foam that would be great, otherwise I would just make my own.

I do have some 2010 kh street foam also but im not sure what to do with it, ill let you know if i decied to get rid.

I wonder if UDC has any foam sitting around from air seat conversions. They might let it go cheap if they do.

Good call. I will shoot them an e-mail, er on second thought I might have better luck on the phone.