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our mate bishop is trying to learn seat dragging. he can drop it and ride for about 15-20m and was wondering if anyone has any tips on getting the seat back up?

I don’t see how you can possibly do this, try rigging a string where the fork meets. Probably not the best way, but it works. I did see a video of someone doing it witha geared uni. The seat just flew up when they switched gears.


you slowly squat down while pedaling and reach back there and grab the seat post, then start slowly standing back up.

To get out of seat drag in front, just lean down and pick it up. I usually grab the frame, then take the seat with my other hand. I find the pick up to be easier if I am riding more slowly than normal. This makes it easier to lean over. At first just try to lean over and touch the seat post briefly. When you can do this comfortably, simply reach down quickly and confidently and pick it up again.
Getting out of seat drag in back is somewhat more complicated. A lot of riders simply lean very far down and grab the seatpost, but it is also possible to kick it up with you foot or lift it up with your heel. I am most familiar with the latter. Before you switch to seat in back, make sure that you have the toe (not the ball or arch) of the foot you plan to use on the pedal. Turn the heel of this foot as far in as you can, without hitting the crank. Now drop the seat in back and let it drag for a while. Try to ride with as little wobble as possible. To lift the seat again, induce some wobble in the wheel as your foot is coming around in back. This causes the frame to swing around over your heel, so that you get leverage on it. When done properly, this should cause the frame to rise. Catch it with your hand as soon as possible, because otherwise you can end up in seat on side, which can be awkward.

Here is a video of Leo Vandewoestijne doing the pick up in front, and here is one of me doing the kick up in back with heel.

I have been learning seat drag, its a purdy handy trick to know, it takes alot of control over the wheel.

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On Tue, 17 May 2005 14:23:23 -0500, “e39m5” wrote:

>I did see a video
>of someone doing it witha geared uni. The seat just flew up when they
>switched gears.

I’ve read that Irene Genelin did this when Florian Schlumpf had his
geared uni in Seattle. But also when continuously being in geared mode
(as opposed to being switched in gear), reaction forces are exerted on
the frame. One could use those to lift the frame during a seat drag.

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