seat drag/push glide/coast idea

i was thinking while practising my seat drags if it would be possible to put you feet onto the frame then either use you feeat to slow it down or to just coast on the frma while do ing a seat drag/push
in short :possible or not

Thats a really good and creative idea, I like it. I think it is possible but very hard you would need a really smooth surface to do it on.

probably the extra weight on the frame would push the seat into the grouind with more force so the extra friction would stop you moving.
but if you found a way around it that would be awesome:)

could do it as a crank roll kinda thing…not as cool tho :slight_smile:

Or you could modify your seat a bit. Make a little wheel in the handle.

I think its a sweet idea but yeah, the seat would need some modification to reduce friction. a small wheel or even wax. would the cranks and pedals get in the way?


yeah, wouldnt the pedals hit your your foot when your cranks are spinning>?

That ofcourse all depends on how far you’re putting your feet forward. I think crown-height would be pretty safe. You’re putting LOADS of stress on your seat/seatpost then though. You’d also NEED that little wheel in your seat.

you would have to stand up near the crown, and with that kind of pressure on the uni/seat(even with a wheel) it seems like something would break, im thinking that the seat might somehow break…if you could figure it out, it would be way sick.

yea i rekon something coudl break with that kind of pressure. it would also be extremely hard to do but thats just me.

keep it wheel.

that wouyld be awesome to see

Well I come up earlier with this idea. So my background of this trick do “surf” on my uni from drag seat. But as some here figured out, the uni stops immediately after putting more weight on the frame. Well, that was around the time where I was happy about some meters of drag seat. I’m doing this trick pretty stable by now, so I will give this trick a try later on at the training.

You have two things to overcome:

First is friction. Your feet will have to be at the crown or higher, which will bring any normal-seated uni to an instant stop. As a stopping skill, it could be pretty cool on its own but that’s not why we’re here. If you added some sort of concealed wheels or casters, you could overcome this. But make the wheels too obvious, and you stop being a unicycle.

The second thing is instability of the platform. Once you get off the pedals, you’ve lost your grip on keeping the cycle from flopping over. You could flatten the end of the seat and/or use two wheels/casters for this. Or some frame modifications that would give your feet enough input to hold the wheel upright.

i did that by accident once at a skate park i was going down a bank
it works but i bent my seatpost