Seat customizing

I use a KH Fusion seat for my Coker and would like to improve the comfort of the seat. I have read several threads about this and know that it is pretty subjective, but I still wonder what is the best way to do it. I don’t want to start cutting and then I have ruined my seat.

Where should I start cutting? In the front to make it look more like the new versions?

How much should I cut away?

I know this is subjective, but I just want your opinions on this.


Scroll to the bottom. Cutting a little bit off the front helps. Though, this may not work for you at all. You really have to cut it the way you like it…which will take a little experimentation. I’d say get a tad bit more advice before cutting your foam though…I don’t know much about cutting kh fusion foam.

Re: Seat customizing

Another possibility is adjusting the angle of the seat. KH makes an
adapter that allows the use of a bicycle seatpost, which can be
adjusted to different angles.

Kris recommended this to me when I asked about saddle comfort. I
actually went the airseat route instead.


Hei Anders,

Have you found a good way to modify the KH fusion seat yet? I’m looking at the same options for mine.

Everyone always says tilt. The kit required to adjust tilt costs a bit, but on the other hand probably not as much as a new saddle if you mess up a modification. Tilt is worth playing with - particularly if you can try out somebody else’s tiltable setup first.

I tried it for the first time today - I think I like it and definitely feel like I’m now sitting on my bum, rather than on the space between bum and nethers. It’s psychologically better :slight_smile: and possibly physically better too - I need to try it more before I decide for certain.

Seat Tilt is the first step to distance comfort

I was in the same dilemma. I bought a bicycle seat post and a KH seat rail adapter. With these, I was able to tilt the seat way back. Before this, I would feel some numbness after about 20 minutes. After tilting my seat back, I’m able to at least double that time without the numbness. The best part is that I haven’t cut into my seat at all.

I still toy with the idea of cutting away some of the foam so that I can add a layer of gel padding, but I don’t know if I really need to. The tilting made a huge difference and was easy to do.

Good luck.

The shape the new saddles have is an improvement, I believe, with the groove down the middle and the wedge off front and back. I haven’t ridden it much yet, but I think it would be more comfortable if the back hadn’t been trimmed down, only the front.

So, in my opinion, the two best mods would be to take a wedge off the front, and put a groove in the middle.

It’s easiest to cut foam with one of those electric carving knives by Hamilton Beach.

I use a rail adapter on my other seat, and I didn’t consider it until now, but that probably is why it feels so much easier to ride…

check out my signature for some ideas on how to mess with a seat. Its not the same seat but it should give you some ideas.