Seat creaking

I have a new version (cheap) Miyata seat with a Reecycle air seat conversion mounted on a stainless steel rail adapter made by Steve Howard and clamped to an Interloc 27.2mm seatpost and clamp. This is the saddle arrangement I have for the uni.5 SH 29er (must think of new name). This makes it conventional bike part friendly and tiltable.

Riding last Saturday, I heard creaking coming from the seat region. What can you tell when you’re riding? I tightened all of the nuts on the Miyata seat. This was easy because I had made special U-bolts and a lock plate for it when I converted it so I could take it apart or retighten it at will.

On Sunday, John Childs and Charles Danyer (I apologize for any misspelling) rode it and I could still hear the creaking. If anything it was even more annoying. Perhaps trying to analyze why it was creaking and watching the other guys ride it to see what problems they had took some of the joy out and replaced it with irritation. However it WAS a joy to ride John’s Coker which apparently is contantly tuned by an anal-retentive tech dude. And the weather WE had was ten times better than what Nathan reported for his ride.

Tonight I set it on my workbench and had my trusty and ever-willing assistant and photographer, Karen, listen to it as I torqued the frame and twisted the seat until I got it creaking for her. Definitely in the seat region. This time I took the clamp apart and found obvious spots of wear. I greased the surfaces of the two rocking clamp halves, the clamp hardware, and the rails with Phil grease and reassembled. This seems to have solved the problem.

i agree,there are few things more irritating to me than a little creakyness on a silent device

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Ahh, one little casualy droped comment, and the hole thread is jacked.

Ehem, towit: Dude, you’re famouse. It’s just a fact; in time you will learn to wield this power for good. You can safely put your name on the beast without the impression of hubris. That said, I submit the grand title of ‘The Harper OMG’ (oh my god!). Says it all, every body knows what you’re talk’n 'bout, and it’s short enough to mention casualy without drying out the mouth.

And on the streangth of branding alone, paired with a reputation for ‘doing it right’, a free-bie for John: ‘The Anal Cycle Works- where everything is Locked-Tight.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You hardly need to write a buisness plan when you have a solid slogan like that.


i agree the machine should (proudly) carry the harper name

maybe we can replace the OMG with the wheel size and refer to a HARPER 24 or a HARPER 29?

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“GILD” <> wrote in message
> i agree the machine should (proudly) carry the harper name
> maybe we can replace the OMG with the wheel size and refer to a HARPER
> 24 or a HARPER 29?
Or its resulting equivalent: “Harper 43”

RE: Naming of Harper’s Uni…

Sun and Planet Harper’s Increased Revolutionary Engine


Leo White

I sorta like Harper.50


SAPHIRE with: Balanced Incremental Mobility (BIM) {Generated using the (AFRSBPPAG) Acronym Finder Random Buzz Phrase Projector Acronym Generator}

Cor! Now that’s fame, getting an entire planet named after you. Who would have thought fiddling with unicycles could ever lead to such heights…


Phil, just me