Seat covers

What cover will fit on a nimbus gel saddle. the Kris Holm Street or Freeride? Also if i cut a V in the middle of the seat will it make it more like a Kris Holm seat?

The Nimbus cover fits best. I think the curve of the foam is a bit different too. I had both and the Nimbus felt different regarding overall fit even though the bases were the same. I ended-up tossing the foam on the Nimbus seat and turning it into an air seat with allen bolts instead of hex-head nuts to I don’t need to take a wrench with me when I am using that seat.

I am going to order a 26 muni and dont have enough to buy a kris holm fusion seat.

Then don’t… the difference isn’t huge, the base is the same and that’s where the stiffness and strength comes from. If you’re not getting any “taint numbness” don’t worry about the groove, some people don’t like it anyway.

I think i am just going to order it just plain then

In the words of our founding fathers… do it! :smiley:

got no money :frowning: