Seat covers are overrated...


umm well that will last for atleat 1 mile

I deffinitly agree judging by the way your seat looks! I love it!:slight_smile:

I think it will last longer then that.

I cary the ductape with me.

Heh. That is a good idea.

All joking aside, I took a spin on this seat and it feels rather nice. I’m used to using an air seat and I’m looking forward to something a little less stuffy in the front.

The duct tape and bare foam look slightly out of place on a DM frame with a Thompson seatpost (and CF reinforcement plate?). Appears comfortable though.

Ha… was waiting for that observation. Actually a Hunter frame and Scott Wallis seat base, which makes it even more pitiful… and more irresistible to ride without having the seat cover.

Hunter, eh? Looks a lot like the DM Vortex. I wouldn’t know though, having never seen either in person. You’re lucky to have, both, a great unicycle, and a great place to ride (the Ozarks).

What kind of foam are you using?
The search for the ideal seat foam is a never ending quest.

Handles are a nice investment. I’m assuming you have some?

I cut those out of a piece of dense foam I found on a construction site, a little firm but I plan on swaping out the top layer for something softer. It still felt good to me the way it’s pictured while on the preliminary coverless test run, I’ve used an air seat for several years and never realized how much that tube puckers against your package.

I had a brake mount welded to an old road handle and it’s still taking paint but can’t wait to bolt it on and try it out.

i did pretty much the same thing with with my motorbike seat. except i taped the whole seat. yea, i know that is dodge, but it works really well!

Pfffttt…harden up! You don’t need all that foam :roll_eyes:

Ultra lightweight CF seat.jpg

has anyone used tempur-pedic memeroy foam yet? just get like 10 of the free samples and play around with them.