Seat cover pattern?

Thinking of making a custom seat cover. Anybody got a pattern to post? I’m putting it on a Miyata seat.

I think Black and White checkers would be cool. How are you planning on making it?


Still kicking that around. Maybe some nice soft pigskin from the local leathercraft shop. Maybe some black&white cowhide. Maybe something from the fabric store. Make some suggestions, please.

dude id go for some really fluffy floresent soft yeat durable stuff…


I’ve made a template that you are welcome to use. I’ve made several for myself and they work fine. This template is for a foam pad and not for a air seat. However, should you decide to go that route we can certainly use this as an opportunity to make a new template. I’m game.


black and white checkers

Hey, Tommy- I’ll give ya a holla when I’m ready to roll on the new seat cover. Let’s use the pattern you already have- Maybe after learning a bit, I’ll branch out and we can experiment…

Anyone else want to chime in on material? I don’t think I can get black and white checkered leather, so what’s a good fabric? Fluffy yet durable sounds ideal, but I don’t know if that exists in reality…

Maybe I could back some polartec®©™ with some Ripstop or something stable… maybe stitch it together in some kind of pattern.

Maybe I’ll have a quilting circle! Tommy! Round up the troops! Quilting at my house next Sunday!

I would also be interested in a template for an airseat if that offer would be available to me. I am in the process of putting together a Coker with GB4 frame and want to have an air seat for it.

Is that going to be a hand quilting or machine quilting circle?

I’ve made quite a few airseats and/or foam seats using vinyl for the cover material. I have a pattern that I made for the Miyata saddle that also fits nicely on a stock Coker sized saddle. Anybody that needs a copy, just send me a pm and I’ll forward it to ya’