Seat Conversion Questions ???

Has anybody done a seat conversion with gel
or tire tube?

Is it worth the trouble?

Is one method better than the others?


Re: Seat Conversion Questions ???

The answer to your question depends on whether or not you’re actually going to ride the unicycle. If you are going to ride the uni any distance between “here” and “there”, then the air conversion is well worth it. I haven’t done a gel seat, but others have. An advantage the gel seat over the air seat is that the gel will not eventually develop a hole and go flat. But the comfort of an air seat probably far outweighs that miniscule little advantage.


Re: Seat Conversion Questions ???

Can’t comment on gel seats. Air seats seem to have become THE standard, although some people still prefer regular seats. While the word on the KH seat is still out, I can only recommend an air seat conversion.
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Re: Seat Conversion Questions ???

Gel seats aren’t cool, they are too heavy and not very comfortable. Do the air


I’d recommend the air seat conversion. It’ll cost you the price of a tube and that’s about it. You can adjust the air pressure until you get it just right. With the gel seat you don’t really have that option.