Seat Comfort

Anyone who has ridden more a couple of blocks knows that a unicycle seat is more an instrument of torture than comfort.

I am gearing up for a long ride (twenty miles). When I am practicing my genitals give out before my legs. That being said, I have a question about seats. What seat would you recommend for long rides.

I dont no of a good seat, sorry about that, but i would also like to hear what eveyone thinks because I cycled into school and back last week it was about 6 miles each way, after every couple of miles I had to stop because my balls were hurting so bad, cycling wasnt tireing or hard as im used to cycling it on my bike at an average of over 20 mph but my balls were agony after only cycling every mile or 2

i made an awesomely comfortable from this guide: Poor man's Freeride seat -- uni woodworking exercise

and got this

sorry those pics are so large

I did something following the same principal, but using a very old mousepad. I cut it up into pieces about as wide as the seatbase, and varying lengths, to make my foam flat on top.

Thanks. I read that post but it good to hear from someone else who used it.

As, it seemed that is not a commercially available alternative,

I am going to build a mock-up prototype of it and try it out. I will also, mock-up an air seat.

thanks again.

If you just want to buy a seat then you could just buy a KH Freeride seat, those are damn nice, another option that I personaly love is the 06 KH gel/dual density seat that I believe is only available from Bedford. I just recently picked up another one of these seats because the first one I had was just so good, its more thin than a standard KH seat and way more comfy, plus its not as thin as those street seats or other gel seats which I find to be just a bit too thin.

My seat is comfy if you sit on it properly.

By properly, I mean, just move around till it’s comfy… there is either a comfy, or painful way to sit on my seat… it’s weird.

me too!:slight_smile:

that helmit there is useless.
i hope you dont use it.
its the plastic part that protects you. the strafoam just cussions you.

also all helmits have a 5 year lifespan. After that they aren’t safe.
get a new one, a real one, and not one from a department store.

that helmit there is useless.
i hope you dont use it.
its the plastic part that protects you. the strafoam just cussions you.

also all helmits have a 5 year lifespan. After that they aren’t safe.
get a new one, a real one, and not one from a department store.

Must be really important for you to tell him twice. You must be pretty worried. Send him a PM or two to make sure he gets the message. Just kidding. Thanks for the warning even though my helmet is pretty new.

I just got the kris holm air seat and thats the way to go. the best part about it is that you adjust the air pressure to your liking. it is really comfortable.


I have two Nimbus Gel saddles and have been very happy with them for both long and short distance riding (hockey on my 20", and 10-20 mile riles on my 29 and 36).

I also recently bought a Fusion Freeride, which I’m currently evaluating. It seems to at least be comparable to the Nimbus, maybe better as it has a centre cutout (although the seat seams fractionally narrower at the back, which I don’t like so much).

Having a rail adaptor is also helpful for comfort. My 36er has a T7 handlebar which integrates a rail adaptor: I tilt the seat back for better weight distribution, then use the handle to take some pressure off the seat.

From what I’ve heard, the Scott Wallis RoadRelief saddles are really awesome, but they cost a packet and there’s a long waiting list.

I also have a Gel saddle for my Torker DX and a T7 handlebar 4 my coker. the Gel saddle is very comfortable and are very durable. I’ve not heard of the Scott Wallis RoadRelief saddles but from what i can tell. They must be a good seat for it to have a waiting list. :astonished: :astonished:

The saddles I’ve tried are:
*Classic - flimsy and no handle
*Torker DX too concave of a shape but otherwise good
*Torker CX - narrow padded bar
*Torker LX - nicely shaped piece of concrete
*Nimbus gell - nice slim profile (good for SIF), good for moderate rides
*KH air w/ 20X1.75 tube - nice adjustable air pressue, bottoms out off of curbs w/ less than 4.5 psi, to never bottom out off of curbs, needs 5 psi., Ideal pressure for comfort - 4-4.5 psi w/ 150 lb. rider, hard to keep the tube from shifting around.
*(KH air w/ 20X2.5 trials tube, never bottoms out, most comfortable w/ 4.5 psi, verry thick seat, hard to get right shape, hard to keep the tube from shifting around.

With both air saddles it took several hours over multiple attempts to get a good shape that would not shift after a couple of short rides (I used lots of Duct Tape). 4.5 psi dosen’t sound like much, but for an air saddle is rather firm and 5 is just as firm as the Nimbus gell, but absorbs impacts better. In general I’ve found a rather stiff seat is good, but the LX is too much so.

My favorite of the air saddles I think would be something in the middle, 20X2.0" tube.

I have a Fusion saddle on order and is scheduled to arive today. I’m thinking this will be the best of the bunch and I hopefully won’t have to fool w/ it repeatedly to make it comfortable. I’ll write a review of it prob the end of next week when I’ve ridden it a while.

KH air seat is a fussy ball smoosher

I’m not happy with mine. It’s shape changes, feeling as if the seat is on tilted.
Perhaps an air seat, as presently sold, as an even pillow, is a bad idea.
I feel as I sit on mine, that my ass bones compress the air, so that it creates a bulge under my nut sack.
Perhaps I should have posted this under "stuff for sale "
Yet I am a tinkerer. Maybe a duck taped firmer gel thing over a smaller air bag.
I ride now with a nimbus gel seat. Best seat ever. Can’t stand it for more then a mile or so. I walk a bit.