Seat Clips

I recently tried to modify my Torker LX seat to be an air saddle. Though now I want to redo it with a little different modification yet, but I am positive that if I tear the seat down again, the seat clips are going to break leaving me SOL. They seem to be strong enough for one or two bends, then they snap. Does anyone know who sells replacements, or maybe a different type of clip that will work for this?

Staples, or you could try some sort of glue maybe but then you wouldn’t be getting that cover back off. Your best bet would be to get a KH fusion cover, I’m pretty sure those work on miyata style seats.

you can get myata covers off UDC real easily. Thats probbaly your best bet.

Yeah but do they have the draw string? His issue is that the clips which hold the cover on aren’t holding up.



After I wrote all of that, I figured that no one besides the Torker guys would know what I was referring to. Even then, the DX guys are dealing with staples which isn’t the case here. I’d rather not glue it. I need to find new seat cover clips that I can rivet in place of the old ones.

Maybe I’ll just make a “no-Brainer” trip to the bike shop and talk to the techs. :roll_eyes: For some reason now that I unicycle I rule out the bike guys all the time, but I soon forget that some of the simplest parts can be universal. :sunglasses:

You don’t really need the seat clips on a Torker LX (or Miyata) saddle. The front bumper and rear bumper are enough to hold the seat cover well enough in place. The clips just make it look nicer. Functionally they are not needed.

There are lots of people using carbon fiber seat bases with Miyata style freestyle saddles. There are no seat cover clips on the carbon fiber seat cover. They just use the front and rear bumpers to hold the seat cover in place.

If you want to secure the edges of the seat cover you can use car door edge molding. The edge molding is to protect car doors from getting banged up on curbs or other objects. You can find it at auto parts stores. Fold the seat cover over the edge of the seat base then slide the edge molding over the edge of the seat base. The bonus there is that the edge molding also provides a more comfortable grip for seat in front skills.

good call. Nice advice…that would probably work really well. Thanks.