Seat clamps

Hi all,

Out of interest im a wondering how many of you use single or double seat clamps?

I have doubles on all but one of mine for reasons that I have had single clamps slip with drops and upd’s

I am after a clamp for new build im doing but can’t find anything that I like currently

So I just made a poll out of it. You can check every type of clamp that you have in use (multiple chaoice).

Which clamps are you using
  • single quick release
  • single hex socket
  • double quick release
  • double hex socket
  • triple hex socket

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I like the double quick release that came on my nimbus Oracle. I see no downsides to this unless you fear the quick release hitting your knee or ankle in a crash.
I like it better than the double hex that came on my Nimbus road. On the hex on I have an allen wrench velcroed under the seat (also has a small velcro strap on it so it won’t fly off on UPD.

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I have (and have had) a wide selection.

I have a double QR on the KH36, a single QR on the KH29 and KH24 (different models of clamp), and a double hex socket one on the 28. To be honest, I’m not at all convinced there’s much difference in performance.

I like mine set that there is just enough give in the event of a major fall that the seat will turn rather than something breaking.

For me im not a fan of QR clamps as my unicycles are set for me.

I do however leave brake lever clamp bolt at a tightness that allows them to turn if dropped but tight enough to stay put whilst riding which is handy espically as the bolt for levers is always tucked under the seat in most akward postion to do up anyway.

double hex on my Muni’s
QR on the 20"

Quick Release worked for me as a novice. I made more adjustments to my seat height then. Once I started using handlebars, I needed a better clamp. The QR clamp that came with my Oracle eventually wore out (deformed hex bolts from tightening). The double bolt clamps I now use are stronger. I no longer mess with my seat height, and the saddle almost never gets knocked/yanked out of position.

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Single bolt forever! I use the Salsa Lip-Lock clamp. They have a stainless steel insert with threads so you can put it much tighter that a full alloy clamp. They also make a QR version (the Flip-lock) but I never used it. I only use a double bolt clamp when I do Long Jumps in conventions hahaha.

Quick release is good

  • when several people use the unicycle
  • if you ride Dual Hole Cranks
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