seat clamp size for nimus II frame?

@joemarshall - that’s what I’ve been trying to tell torkerdx, but oh well. Nice choice ‘chain reaction cycles’ what a quality company :).

@thejdw - Get an allen key one, a double bolt is preferable, I appreciate you put ing faith in my 28.6mm figure, but I’d prefer you to measure your frame or check your original clamp first, but hey it’s your money you can do what ever you want to.

I’ve just had a fab idea! instead of using a rular in a calapier like style, I’ll take the tube out and lay it accrross! :smiley:

edit: why am I so slow now? :o

you are measuring the seat tube’s external diameter (ie. part of the frame) right?

Do not measure the seatpost (the tube attached to the seat) if you’re trying to get a rough idea of what clamp you need.

And you were right! :slight_smile: