Seat clamp problems!!!

Hi guys, was wondering what people think of a quick release clamp? i have a double bolt clamp, but it hasnt helped all that ,much. whenever im doing a big rolling hop off something on my 24", and its a big drop, if i bail and the unicycle hits the ground, the seat turns. ive tried tightening it, but i dont wanna damage the post.
Should i buy a quick release clamp, so its easy to fix if it turns?
Or should i spend an extra dollar and buy a bedford triple bolt clamp to see if it holds the post in position better?

NO… don’t buy that… it sucks really a lot!!!
just tight it very good(you won’t break the seatpost/clamp/frame…
or just tight it not to much so it is easlyer to fix it :wink:

Yeah just tighten it more, my seat’s never moved and I have a double bolt clamp. I highly doubt you’ll break anything unless you way over tighten it.

Fixed, I did broke a clamp once, but it wasn’t a good clamp…:stuck_out_tongue:

Just tight more, you wont break or damage your seatpost, and if it does, who cares? at least it wont move:p But really, just tight it, and leave it there, I haven’t took my seatpost off of my frame since a really long time and it doesn’t move.

Mine moves and I’ve tightened it to the point where I am afraid I’m going to strip the bolts in the clamp. I just got used to riding with a slightly twisted seat haha I’ll straighten it and then after a few days of trials or 3 spin attempts it’s crooked again.

Please, no, quick release clamps are really weak at holding the seatpost and are really hard to un-tighten. And you won’t break the post tightening it unless it’s über-weak. And if it turns, I really don’t care unless it’s a huge turn. Just stay with a double clamp and if you really want to upgrade, go for a KH or Nimbus clamp.

iv never ever twisted the seat post on my KH single bolt clamp (double cut in half) i tighten mine heeeeeeaps and its fine seriously just tighten it more :smiley:

or you can just get a little nimbus key… take it with you if you go out for a ride and if you fall and the saddle moves… just take out you key and put the saddle back on his place… :wink:

quick release works fine for me :roll_eyes:

i don’t even know what brand it is, it was just laying around the house before i even started unicycling.

but it works just as good as the nimbus double bolt clamps for me…you can get a quick release pretty tight with your fingers, rather than having to have a tool.

regardless, i always carry a lil park tools alan wrench thingy with me

I’m having the same problem, and I did tighten the seat clamp a lot. In fact, I stripped the bolts in the seat clamp and dented my seat post from tightening too hard. :frowning: Now my seat post is completely worthless because it became so far dented inward.

I think I had trouble with the seat twisting because I put too much grease on the seat post when I couldn’t get it in. Should I put any grease at all on the seat post?

BTW, This is a nimbus X unicycle with 22.2 mm diameter seat post.

I never grease steel on steel. I haven’t ever had anything stuck.

remove the paint inside seat tube with sand paper

Were you using the Nimbus double bolt clamp? I found that on my Nimbus X the slit in the clamp would close at the outer edge before the post was fully tightened. There was still enough space on the inner edge of the slit for the clamp to keep tightening, but I think some of the force was going into the clamp’s touching edges, reducing the effective clamping strength.

I too noticed some deformation of the seatpost. More of an indentation than an actual dent though. Only the outer surface was marred not the tubular structure. My guess is that it is a combination of a soft post surface with the hard and thin edges of the chromoly seat-tube, which leads to a cutting type action. The KH 22.2 post might fare better, though I’m always skeptical of pressed and pinned posts.

As for the clamp, while I haven’t stripped it, and it seems to have worked for me, I decided to try something that seemed more reliable: the Odyssey G.I. clamp on sale at UDC for $3. It uses a threaded nut, which is both steel and easily replaced if stripped. Seems to work, and it doesn’t have a lip on it so if you were absolutely in need of the strongest clamping force possible you could use two of them stacked together.

This may be a little obvious but there is a notch cut in the neck of your frame right? If you had to cut the neck of the uni down you need to cut a new notch so the clamp can compress around the seat post. Another problem I had with my old uni was the post wasn’t inserted far enough into the frame to get a good grip so I had to order a longer post. I think 2 or 3 inches is recommended.
I’ve had bad experiences with quick release clamps coming loose and have replaced mine with a nimbus double bolt clamp with excellent results.