seat clamp bolt?

I need a seat clamp bolt that fits the single hole in the pre-attached clamp on a Bedford frame. Does anyone know what I would call this when asking for the bolt at a hardware store?


Instead of the hardware store consider a quick release from your LBS. That’s what I use on my Bedford 29er frame.

Steve, don’t you find that it is hard to get the quick release secure enough? When I used them in the past the seat post always seemed just a tad loose.

I had this same incident with my bedford clamp.

Darren was really helpful and said you could take a dremmel tool or a file and grind off the small weld to un-attatch the clamp so you can use another (non quick release clamp) I didnt have a dremmel, so i used a file. It took a little bit of work, but i got it off and put on a 3 allan bolt clamp.

-Sabin sells the bolt. Here’s a picture of it. I’m pretty sure that it’s a standard style of bolt but I’d be surprised if a hardware store will have one (they’re not common).

You’ll need to find a place that specializes in fasteners (a fancy name for nuts and bolts and other threaded things). Print out that picture from and they’ll know what you need. The thing that’s special about the bolt is the little tab under the head that keeps the bolt from spinning when it’s tightened up.

Its basically the same quick release that I have on my MTB and other family bikes, Coker, the Schwinn Giraffe, etc. I haven’t had a any problems with the good ones. There are some types that are built cheap and they have failed.

I just go to Recycled Cycles and look through their bin of used clamps until I find one I like.