Seat came loose yesterday

While riding my N36 yesterday I heard a rattle.

I looked down and noticed it was my T7 bar moving up & down and vibrating.
Then I noticed my seat was moving 1/8 " left and right as I was peddling.

I dismounted immediately. At first I thought the 4 bolts under the KH seat had come loose. Then I found that the two allen screws that adjust the angle of the seat and bar had came loose.

This did two things, it loosened the rail post clamps to the seat and allowed the seat to slide forward. Thankfully I stopped right away instead of doing a UPD.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my allen key or tools on me. So I had to walk my Uni home 2.5 kms.

Leson learned, always carry tools.

Oooo…that must have bite big time. Also i try to take a toolbelt if i go MTB or unicycling with me at all times. I won’t leave home without it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was out unicycling once and a crank came loose. I got better at one footing about but theres only so much terrain you can go over with one foot. Iv’e learn’t to always carry a socket spanner now.