Seat base questions...

Hey all.

I was doing some watty street stuff (doing some tricks into a lake on my uni), and i ended up NOT having my seat well sealed enough by bags… So, it got wet, and i decided to remove the foam from it to dry it out. (its still wet, i’m gonna dry it tomorrow)

Well, in doing so, i realized that a metal peice on my seat base (croch plate?) was broken. Its a metal plate going where the seat flexes the most i would guess. Well, anyway, i saw it, and was like ‘omg’. Its snapped pretty good, it gave me a pain trying to put my nuts back on the bolts, trying to get all my parts wrapped together, instead of nuts laying in my pockets, then going through the wash machine.

Is that what a broken seat base is? Cause, i dont know what one looks like really. If anything, i’d call it a broken croch plate.

also, Where do i buy CF seat bases? Never saw anyone mention sites or anything for them.

okay, thanks if you can help. I’ll be sure to post pictures tomorrow when i wake up.


its a broken seat stiffener.
you can buy another, a broken seat base is the plastic snapped in half or otherwise broken…
there is no need whatsoever to remove your cover and foam from your seat… everything is waterproof, it is closed cell foam (look it up on your own if you don’t know what that means)

i don’t have a cf seat… i just have a super reinforced seat stiffener, welded it up myself… its an idea for you as well… but i’m not giving any tutorials on that.

Heres the link for a cf base in the us

yeah that’s the stiffner plate, but wiht that snapped the base is taking al the force and will be likely to break soon.

yeah, i figured out the name of the stiffner plate from Jackie, and that it’ll make my seat flex a lot.

I have no clue when i snapped it. And its funny, cause i only do trials, and i only hear of street riders breaking seat bases.

Yeah, skrobo, i’ll get my brother to weld another plate on top of it.

also, they are not waterproof. BS low water absorbtion. My KH street saddle weighed like 7lbs after it was sloshin around in the lake for like 10 minutes.

I took it apart to be able to dry it today, so it doesnt start getting fungus or rotting.

Well, if you accidentally drop in water, don’t let sit there. Pull it out right away. And don’t leave it outside (it would rust from the rain, and the saddle cover and tire can break down from the sun).

Let it dry in the sun for a bit longer after you don’t hear the water quashing in it. If you don’t dry it out, it could get moldy.

Also if you don’t dry your uni, it could rust, esp anywhere bare metal is visible. If your frame is aluminum, it won’t rust, but it can get corrosion on it.

yeh i dropped my uni in a river once and i took the foam out and some of it was green cause i hadnt taken it out soon enough