Seat Base cracking-post bending-quitting street

I would act quickly. You are not making any friends by not posting the desired picture. :slight_smile:

if you send me your broken posts i can reweld them and add reinforcments kind of like the pitfighter II but beafyer. PM me if your interested
heres a pic of mine. i have been riding it hard for 2 or 3 years and its perfect… well i think its bent a little sideways, but other than that perfect.

The pictures not anything worth looking at, it’s just a bit bent in the front.

What happened is I broke my seat stiffener and snapped the base.


1.) If I fixed the seat stiffener, could I ride on a snapped base?
2.) If I didn’t get a CF base, where could I put reinforcements.
3.) Do people lower their seat height for street? It seems like if it was lower, it’d be easier to flip, and it wouldn’t be as easy to land on the handle.
4.) Is it normal to have a different height for flat, street, and trials? Or do most just keep it the same height?

I decided that I’m going to have a seat that is 1 inch lower than my regular height for street and flatland. Then when I do trials, I’ll raise it. Does anyone else do this? And am I the only one that likes flat with a low seat?

I find some tricks easier with a lower seat, though I find I like a higher one more. It really just falls down to personal preference.

i do that all the time. luckily now i have 2 unis. i ride my trials up just to the point where its easy to go seat in to seat out. then my street i ride 1-2 inches lower than that. it gets kinda anoying if you only have 1 uni but i like it alot more. what i did was find a height that feels good for street then marked it on my seat post then found a height for trials and marked that so i can go strait to the right height.