Seat Base cracking-post bending-quitting street

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, I landed my first doubleflips. (one handed, down two pallets)

The very attempt that I landed my first double, I pulled up so hard, the seatpost snapped.

Today, I put my aluminum post on (that has worked fine for a year), but in 15 minutes, it snapped too.

After that, I put on my KH Forged Seatpost, and on my first doubleflip attempt, I bent the seatpost.

I also noticed that my second base this week is about to snap.

I like street. But is is worth it?

Also, any tips on how to practice/land double flips to avoid this. I find that I land on my handle sometimes.

if you want to never snap a post or seatbase again, get a Wallis DeRail base and a Thomson seatpost, totally worth it.

might as well stop unicycling… or jsut make 1 thread about your problems, not 1000000…

Just ride faster and use 1 hand on doubleflips. I had the same problem but right now (using 1 hand) I have not broke my KH 07 post in a few months (maybe cause weather is bad & CF base?).

Its a 25.4 Emile… pas 27.2… qui serais plus suceptible a plier.

Hmm… Who says he isn’t consistant?
This thread has nothing to do with PSI.

I don’t know if you are aware Jeremy, but I hate you… You are now the only person on my ignore list :slight_smile: I hope you are happy.

Yeah J-man, he could be. Shit breaks, seat posts are pretty disposable. Also doing the same thing over and over again gets boring fast! You should do it, but not all the time. Sometimes you’ve just got to step out of your comfort zone and have one hell of a go.

As I said before got a cromo post, end of it. Even in the off chance it will break, you can reweld it and make it one hell of a post. That or keep buying alu.

Crazy progression. I can see you becoming one of the top riders. Still don’t make stupid threads over and over and over.

No need to get angry at Jeremy. He’s sorta right:p

However, I am consistant with crankflips. Easy. The only time I ever mess up is if my foot slips off the pedal on the landing.

Unikid, I’d make one thread, but a new question comes up every few weeks. And if I post it in the old thread, nobody reads down to the last post. Sorry:o

I do, when old threads go up I check them as much as new threads. Make a thread just for you and your questions if you don’t like the search feature.

Okay, today I landed a double on my third attempt. But I bent my seatpost a little bit.

I also noticed a crack in my plastic base, that is now on the verge of snapping.
(basically flatland from now on)

So my questions are…

I’m probably going to get a CF base as an early b-day present.

  1. When is the Wallis design going to be up?
  2. When I break/bend a base and/ seatpost, it is because I am attempting a street trick and land past the post (not always on the handle, but just past the post) Will a CF base stand up to this, for how long?
  3. Will the Nimbus ?CrMo? seatpost (black) last a long time?
  4. I bent my Forged seatpost really quite a bit, after having it only for a day or two. How long before the bending breaks?
  5. Also, if I bend a seatpost, and the seat is facing down, I often pull up (hard) on the handle to bend it back. Is this bad? I don’t like taking off the seat every time because it gets annoying.
  6. If I got a CF base, I wouldn’t have to buy a new saddle, because I could use my KH cover, bumper, handle, and foam. Right?
  1. Ask Scott, duh.
    5)Yes/no/it/makes/it/weak/er/thought/after/bending/ your/ kind/ of screwd
    6)yes/you/need/to/drill/it/unless/you get a scott/or/a premade udc base/from/some/body/else

Also/if/you/are/not/a weight/weiner/you can just get some some steel sheet metal/ something rediculously/ thick like 1/4in/ and make a base from them/ it/would/last/for/fucking/ever/ would use/ it with/ your/ plastic/ base/ pm/ skrobo if you/need/ help/ with/ that/ he /is /a /beast

Dont stiffarm your seat. As soon as you catch the pedal, treat the landing like a drop. Very smooth and relaxed, so you dont put tons of pressure on the handle.

In midair, do keep the arm stiff to keep the uni controlled and under you, and try landing a bit so your standing and lower into the seat within the first rev of landing.

Ive said this before (And was quickly flamed for it. Idiots.) Proper techniques even make the weakest of parts last longer.

I’m not a fan of the positioning of the seatpost.

It’s so far back.

I’d like to hear more of this sheet of steel idea.

What he said. PLEASE.

just send me your seats, and about $300 and i’ll make you one … i’m joking… maybe…

for real, shoot me a PM and i’ll go over it w/ ya, it’s not complicated really

lol i think that made my day

Hmmm…you’re 14 and you are breaking seatposts like toothpicks. It sounds like bad form to me. I swear you are doing something wrong. Either that or you are huge for a 14 year old or on the juice.:slight_smile: If you don’t want to spend any money you should just work on your technique. Try getting your single flips smooth. Then work on it with doubles. An easier although more expesive option would be to get a longneck, cromo post, and cf base. I don’t think you would break that. Oh and please post pics of your bent KH08 post. I wanna see that!

and the longneck would do what for his seat?

Nothing. The longneck should keep the seatpost from bending, along with the cromo post. Plus they’re cool! The CF base should dissolve any seat issues.

Should. I think the plate is bending? Did I read it wrong? I’ve never heard of the actually post every being damaged, only the attachment plate and the area right up there. The longneck wouldn’t help that.

I can’t see him bending an alu post. Probably has a steel kh post, I’m pretty sure they make those. Alu snaps clean off, steel will bend.

I’m pretty sure that the SW CF base will be coming back out in a month or two. For now I would just get a piece of metal and mold it to the same size of the metal in the KH base and possibly drill some holes in it to drop some weight, but keeping the same strength (hopefully). I may be posting a thread about my seat idea later if anyone wants to contribute to that.