Seat Angle

I’ve noticed that some riders have their seat angled so that the handle is a lot higher. I assume that people do this so that they can reach the seat more easily, but still have a lot of tuck. My question is, how do they do it? I’ve tried tightening the bolts so that the seat is angled more upwards, but it is nowhere near what I see some people riding. Anyone care to shed some light on this?

They do it with a part called a rail adaptor combined with a bike style rail seat post. This allows you to adjust your uni saddle like a bike saddle. People tilt their saddles for a number of reasons. I have my coker saddle tilted because it puts your weight onto the back of the saddle, and saves your butt on long rides.

Rail adaptor:
The post you buy will depend on your frame. You need the right size.

…and some have a Scott Wallis carbon fiber seat base that eliminates the need of a rail adapter.

SW stopped making them for a while. I don’t know if he’s resumed production or not.

Also some people intentionally bent their post in a vice to achieve that incline.