Seat angle

Is there any conventional wisdom about seat angle? I have a KH Fusion. Even after a lot of adjustments, I can’t figure out if it’s better to slide the seat forward and sit as much as possible on the back, or to slide it back and sit a bit more on the narrow section.

I’ve never found sliding seats forward or back to make much difference except maybe a bit less likely to break the seatpost if slid back further. If you got yourself a rail adaptor you’d be able to tilt the seat slightly backwards which can make it a bit more comfortable.

uhm… i tend to wear really really padded shorts… and try and sit as far back as possible cause its slightly nicer i find.

If you have the rail adapter type seat mount, I tilt the front up to sit on the back wide part of seat and then slide seat on rail mount forward and back til I find a comfortable spot

I think this is where the saying, if its not broken don’t fix it comes in. Unless you are finding your seat uncomfortable don’t bother changing anything. Definatly don’t go spending money on it. That being said, I love experimenting with angle, lately I have been loving having my seat so the nose is as high as possible, I have even put washers to tilt it more than usual.