Seat angle adjustment 101

After riding my homebuilt MUni frame for a little over a month, I’ve decided that I really like the feel of the Kris Holm saddle when the nose is tilted up. Here’s how I acheived raising the nose of the saddle on my Coker. First, I took an old seatpost and cut a 3/16" groove about 2/3 of the way around it from the back. Next, I pressed down on the seatpost to close the gap and then welded the seam closed

angled seatpost weld.jpg

Here’s a pic comparing a stock seatpost angle and the modified post

angled seatposts.jpg

With the stock seatpost, the saddle was parallel to the handle. This is how the saddle now sets on the modified post

coker kh.jpg

Very clever, well done!

Good job. I’ve actualy had that idea for a while but can’t weld.

But that will all be fixed soon since I’m starting a welding class next week and buying a welder at some point.