Seat and Post-less!

My brand new DX (also my first unicycle) finally got here from Brands Cycle and Fitness, after 3 weeks, and it has no seat/seat post! I called them and they said they would take those parts off another DX and send them to me, so it looks like it will be another 4 days before I start learning :frowning: . But I do love the way it looks! Especially the Creepy Crawler!

Sweeeet :smiley: I got my seatpost and seat almost immediately the next day. :smiley: Which was weird if you ask me, but well worth it. Trust me, patience and you’ll see that all you will do is drool badly like i did when it was ready. I couldn’t wait to ride it myself. :smiley: :smiley:

Sounds like Brands didn’t open the box and look inside. If they’re doing mail order they really should. Then again they might be drop-shipping direct from the distributor, which means they never actually touch it but take responsibility for the order.

Brands is the bike shop that did the dangerous repairs on a set of six old Schwinn Giraffes I had bought used from a school that was no longer using them. They all had the earlier, threaded-on track hub, where the sprocket was in danger of unscrewing. I specifically told them to clean the threads and use red Loctite. When I picked them up I saw green oozing out around the sprockets, and sure enough, I tried one and the sprocket unwound immediately.

But then they fixed it right, good and tight. All in all, Brands was a very cool bike shop, and I was lucky to live only a mile down the street from them (when I lived in Wantagh, NY)!

Ya, they said they shipped mine the day after they got the DX shipment from Torker, so maybe they didn’t check the box. And I got the tracking number for only one package, so it probably won’t come today :slight_smile: