Seat and handle.

Has anyone put a KH/velo handle on one of these seats? I want to do this because its easier for seat out hops but also wanted a handle for rolling hops.

Thanks to anyone who replies.


pdc put one on his viscount… and owen has one on his poopcycle


I dont know about the united…but it could be done.

Wow, buy one get 2 free? crazy…

the words “child-sized” in the description remind me of the torker cx saddle :angry: i’ve never tried the united saddle, but they still seem overpriced by about $19

I fitted a KH handle to a Viscount saddle with a steel base. Or should I say I fitted a viscount steel base to a KH fusion saddle.

Removed the cover, drilled new holes for the handle, bolted it on, put the KH fusion foam and cover over the lot. I also put lengths of split rubber piping over the metal edges down each side of the seat base as they were hurting my hands when catching the uni after coming off.

Now its sweet. Absolutely no flex, a tad heavy, and comfy as f*ck! It makes a wicked noise when you drop it on the ground too, proper solid sounding!

So you should be able to fit one to one of those saddles, get your drill out!