Season 2007 Vid!


Help me out, need lots of hits. My 2007 Season video. Most of the clips you guys have seen. There are a few new ones and some new flips here and there. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

Gotta love it. Thats the kid that I learned it all from.

You sess’ed the street rails without me :frowning:

Haha, good stuff man, makes me want to ride (just need a uni :wink: )


I loved it. Defently your best video in my opinion. Was that a 720 unispin near the end? and is there a way to download a HQ version?

I have a high quality verson that I want to get on UTV. So hopefully that will happen tomorrow or so. Yes 7spins are coming back. haha

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun, that was sick. You definitely hit it with this one, its certainly your best vid so far. My only request for the future is longer clips with longer lines in them because often when a ton of short clips are thrown together it almost becomes overwhelming and breaks the flow a bit.

That was awesome.

yea that was good stuff. all the new stuff was amazing, as well as the old.

sweet video shaun i loved the 720 and it was good that you had a couple new riding spots and i think they was only 1 hop out but over all sweet video keep it up

I didnt get half of the tricks can somebody wride me down the highlights? For example was there a 5th flip and a trey double (I think I saw them).

Okay, you said you wanted hints:

Personally, I’d add some small intermissions inbetween the tricks. Like, panorama shots, you just walking around saying stuff, just riding in a straight line, climbing a tree, juggling bananas, whatever… Trick after trick after trick gets a bit monotonous and it’s easy to lose viewer’s attention quickly. People need time to digest things. Make it more artistic and viewable.

Also, I don’t like the music much. It’s not too bad, but there are tons of much better songs out there.

Oh, and I don’t remember seeing any bails. Put in at least one or two, people like seeing big falls so that they can go, ooh, wow, hahaha…

On riding: incredible tricks. Well done! I liked how you had more variety in your riding spots than usual.

All in all, you’re on the right track, but some things need working on.

That’s my two cents and my cents are made of pure plutonium.

-Iain McGavich

I think he just means he wants people to watch his video, but I’m sure you constructive criticism is welcome.

Shaun, I thought you weren’t supposed to be releasing any videos because of an upcoming dvd, or something like that.

In any case, there was some pretty cool new stuff in there, I’m glad to finally see more of that skatepark.

Geeze, do I feel silly?

Oh well, I tried to help, noone got hurt in the process(I hope), so it’s all good, right?

That was your best vid IMO. I loved the 720 unispin. Good variety.

Nice vid!

That was really crazy stuff, loved seeing the 720 from you, I was wondering when we would see it again, cause all them French dudes are doing them now.

People are always saying how much they love Luke vids, and I really like watching how creative he is with the obstacles, doing simpler tricks (still hard though) and being really inventive with what he has around him. But, sometimes its just really awesome to see these seriously tech tricks being done. With Lukes vids, its like “Wow, that line looked so awesome!!” and with you its like “What?! That trick was so hard and it went by so fast I didn’t even know what it was!”.

So yeah, to all those people who are saying how much they like Luke’s vids and not Shaun’s, well, don’t you think its kinda cool to see some really really tech stuff once in a while?

And Shaun, the vid was sweet, but personally, I liked the “Street” video better, I think mainly cause it had more flow instead of lots of 1 or 2 tricks per clip, and also cause the music worked better. Cool stuff though.

Mawesome, you just got Luke in a LOT of trouble. Congrats!

This is the most highlighted video made. That’s the idea. I’m not putting pesonality in it anymore, i’m growing up on the idea of filming now. Nothing really funny anymore.

Mawesome, also nothing new was in this video. I’ve flipped to rail before, treydoubles have been done, Justin has blunted park rails before, 7spins, years old, manny pad stuff was easy, so yeah. Nothing new in this video. Cept the stupid trick big backflip. Idiotic trick. That was my hop btw, I didn’t care.

The music means a lot to me, it has an emotional attachment, so I figured it would be best. But yeah, it was kinda tough to edit to.

Appreciate all the good comments even some bad (but i’m not really make videos anymore). This video is for me and people seeing the extreme side of things. That’s why the e-mails and myspace address are in it. This vid will be in a lot of places within a few days.

-Shaun Johanneson

Awesome. I loved it!

is it me :thinking: or no one talk about the new dress of shaun!!! ECHO!! :smiley: By the way good job Shaun :slight_smile: I alway have the time to watch one or two of your video per day :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: just watched again, I dont know why you guys complaining, the music are good…

Yeah, some new footage(and old to off course :p) of Shaun.
That was some nice riding, and a good sound behind it.
And that blund on that handrail in the skatepark was so Syko :wink:
Not to mention the last handrail in it.
You realy need to film some new handrails :wink:

But nice stuff, realy nice stuff.

Peter M


Was the 2nd to last trick a 720 unispin variation?

Is Dan making a new movie?