searching problems

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this…

I was trying to search for a tutorial on zero plant. So I first was going to search through titles only. First I tried “zero plant” no results, then I tried “zero” no results, then I tried “plant” the first result is titled “Zero plant”.

so I thought “oh, maybe case sensitive?” tried searching for “Zero”, no results. I tried “Zero plant” (the exact title in the post), no results.

What is the deal with the search engine? This is a simple query and searching through titles only should be a no brainer, these simple queries should bring back all the results.

This happens to me a lot and I’m sure is the result of people getting frustrated here and just posting there question, then getting flamed by some jackass saying “It’s called the search button, try using it”

I agree that it’s a problem, but there is also the google search which seems to work much better. I just tried it using your search, and 5 pages of posts came up. The one you found is on page three.