Searching for Surly

I am interested in buying either a complete Surly conundrum unicycle or parts, let me know what you’ve got! Also interested in a nimbus oregon

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, @jaco_flans could probably build you something custom. I have one of his Flansberrium frames that fits a 4.8" tire. It ended up with a similar inward bend to the legs like a Conundrum.


I have one I really never ride. Practically new, but an old frame in like new shape, 3.8 Larry, Large Marge, 137/165 cranks, no brake.

Great! Is it a 24 or 26" wheel? And could you ship it to Maine, USA
Either way I am VERY interested

Oh, sorry, getting back to you. It’ a 26 and L’ll have to post some pictures.

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Fantastic! I’ll keep an eye out for when you post em.

Allright heres a look

and another

Looks great! Do you have a price in mind or open to an offer?

OK, If you know my muni’s , the reason I put this together was to see if big tire was better than suspension. Absolutely not, but its my opinion. So this guy got ridden for a very short time and has sat in the garage for years. (like new) Make me an offer!

How does $625 plus paid shipping sound?
Also… would you ever sell one of your wheels with suspension? Never heard of that but it sounds like it could seriously open up new doors for mountain unicycling!

OK, I’ve got over $900 in this thing, but I never ride it. so that,s good with me. What seat do you ride with? Flat or conventional? I am keeping these pedals but can put on a decent pair if you need. the seat is open or what you see. Only other uni I would sell is my original schlumpf 29er or
my 36 which are too fast to run out of a UPD anymore.
LobbyBopster (Mark)

lobbybopster, your old post about your suspension build is gone, or at least, I can’t find it. Bummer.

Excellent, I appreciate it! I typically ride with a KH freeride/fusion one so the seat there looks great. And whatever you have laying around for pedals would be perfect… I can always upgrade!

This one?
There was a gallery, but we don’t have galleries here anymore

did you look for this thread:

Or this:

maybe even this:

most likely this one:

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That last one is it, I think. I thought there was a post where he went into the cuts and what he welded in more depth.

I don’t know if you would be interested in a 24" but my wife is willing to sell her ridden 3 times Surly.

Here is a Surly Conundrum unicycle FRAME ONLY, 24 in. wheel

That looks like nice uni but replacement profile cranks are nearly impossible to find in normal uni lengths. I couldn’t find any for my Dirt Uin and ended up cutting down the 170mm cranks to 125mm.

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Oh, they are their regular race arms which they only go 145mm for the shorter in steel. I have a set of purple 125mm aluminum arms that I was going to put on a giraffe I had, I think my neighbor likes it too much though. He hasn’t brought it back yet :laughing:.