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Is it just me or has the search function been messed up for some time?

Just done search on ‘impossible’ AND ‘wheel’ and got no results. This has happened on a lot of the searches I’ve tried.

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Been messed up, maybe it is messed up again. It was searching back a few days yesterday.

missed this thread eh?

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On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 21:14:30 -0500, onewheeldave
<> wrote:

>Is it just me or has the search function been messed up for some time?

It’s been messed up since a week. Use the ‘groups’ seach capability of
<> instead. Go to advanced, then search only in It is even better in many respects than the
search function of the forum.

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Well, I tried searching for it, but…

I actually almost choked on my pop reading that. Thanks, that’s hilarious!

Sofa,just because you have a drinking problem doesnt mean it was all that funny.

the joke would work better if the thread wasnt still on the 1st page of JC.

And if that thread wasn’t indexed, which it is as all new posts are.

Anyways, I am setting up database replication on my workstation to mirror the databases that I have on the server so that I have a near realtime backup of the data. Then once I do that, I will run the reindexing scripts on my computer to index all 120,000 posts. Hopefully, I’ll get that done tonight.

yo’ tha man, Gilby!



I second that. Also, please know that my telling of an unfunny (by a vote of 2:1) joke relative to the search being down should not be misconstrued as me dissing on the service. I’m amazed such a place exists at all, and grateful every day that it’s available and you’re driving the bus. A search function to me is just a Nice To Have. When technology temporarily fails in a community, people have to revert back to people and rely on the “Jagur Function”. That’s when you post a repeat question and it’s answered quickly by one who Knows All History, with both the appropriate references to past threads and unsolicited commentary on the quality of your jokes. :smiley: