sealed bearing pedals?

what are some reasonable pedals that have sealed bearings.
i need it so i dont get dirt in there the wreck it.
if you have a link remember im in aus and dont want to pay heaps for shipping.
thanks for any help.

For what sort of riding? What style of pedals? Price range?

He probebly wants lowish price and he does street to my knowledge

Jim C’s are very good, the sealed bearing ones run about $130 in NZ, but there is many many pedals and so many people have different opinions on them.
Jim C’s are great tho.

Sorry for the german link haha, but they should be available in Australia in a while: they’re the new ‘Qu-ax’ pedals, they’re made in the Wellgo factory with the exact same build as the Wellgo pedals, the only change is that these pedals are 40 euros and the Wellgo’s are 80… sealed bearings, magnesium body, 376 grams. Here’s the Jim C’s for about $100AUS

street, any price.
those jim c’s look good but they look the same as the ones that came with my kh.
are they the same

Almost the same subject

Recently, people were writing about bad sealed bearings in a Wellgo B-27 pedal. I found this bearing supplier online that sells a wide variety of bearings of this pedal type. If you get the number off your bearing , I am sure they would have the right type for any pedal.
My suggestion is that pedal bearings do not appear to have a long life under harsh uni bashing. Sealed bearing pedals are a lot more expensive. Maybe 80$ +
or so. I have read that sometimes when the bearing fails, the pedal falls off! :angry:
I recommend buying a 10 pack tube of pedal bearings for 25 $ for the type pedal you buy. Note, at the bottom of the page they list a variety. So if you ride in swamp all the time you can pay a bit more for top grade seals etc. :sunglasses:
You might have more fun with the pedals by replacing the $2.50 sealed bearings every time one starts to go. Instead of waiting for it to fall off !
I don’t have the experience to recommend a good sealed pedal. You pay for lightness and strength. Just remember that the top of the line pedal uses the same bearing as the cheaper one. So it will fail to.
The above link went to the bearing site, but not the example, edit try again.

The Jim C’s which come on KH unis these days are the standard loose bearing kind. The Sealed ones cost more, as you would expect. Basically means they should last longer, but some people seem to destroy anything they ride.

If you like your Jim C’s on ur uni then you should use them till they die, do you not like them? Have you rode anything that you do like?

ok thanks guys.
So muzzle, you’re saying ride these ones that are pretty retarded till theyy break fully, then buy those good jim c’s you linked me too? sounds good.

Yeah, that’s what I would do. I am notorious for doing like this, my pedals are always wrecked, and well most of my uni :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, how retarded are they exactly? Is it a very funny retardation? (Borat quote, in case you don’t recognize it)

those qu-ax magnesium pedals look like a real good deal. Just a shame they only come in yellow!

oh i recognise it. they rattle more than usual and sometimes the pedals get stuck in one spot.
ok then i’ll do that. thanks guys, but mostly muzzle.

and too bad theyre from germany.

I say the hoffman sole mate pedals. I have them and JCs. they are both really nice.

I think sealed they run around $60 USD

Here is a link to see the “Soul Mate” pedals, for those of you who don’t like to google.

They don’t look as good for street as the Jim C’s, but different strokes for different folks I guess.