Sea Otter Classic

Are there any unicycle events at the sea otter?, anyone else (beside myself) planning on going,
i gotta couple of friends racing the downhill.

Ummm what kinda event is it lol and where? I guess im just slow :smiley:

All sorts of events, road, XC, Downhill, Super D, BMX, adventure racing.
Laguna Seca, Monterey Bay.

In years past some have ridden their obstacle course, and a team has done the 24 hr mtb race at least a couple of times.

the sea otter classic is in Monterey CA, its a mtb event April 17-20, but i have heard Kris Holm has gone to it and my local bike shop owner said that they have had unicycle events before.

EDIT: skilewis74 you beat me to it

I don’t see any unicycle events this year.

$67 + $10 USA cycling license before April 4th is kind of steep for a cross country race. I participated on a bike in 2001, I think, and the course was kind of average. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some pictures from our attendance at Sea Otter a few years ago:

The 24-hour races at Laguna Seca are a different event, the 24 Hours of Adrenaline. I attended this once, in 2004. It was fun to do, but I prefer a group ride, not a group camping experience while one person at a time rides… :slight_smile:

Hey Johnfoss…links seem dead.

Hmm. Sorry about that. Those old albums on the Kodak Gallery were always hard to link into; they weren’t intended for that. Got to set up some kind of alternative, like moving them all to Smugmug, but that would take a while.

Meanwhile, go to my Unicycling photo albums and then do a find within the page, or just read down and look for “Sea Otter” in 2000-2002: