SE unicycling

How come there doesn’t seem to be many unicyclists in the SE USA? And all of the Uni events are in the West or NE… I think it stinx… I can’t go to the Uni things when they’re all that far away.

We’re here. We just keep quiet.

I would suppose that a strong club like MUC could apply to host or sponsor an upcoming national event. Wasn’t there a recent thread about 2004 not having a planned venue yet for some competition?

Check out When/Where will NAUC 2004 be held? Maybe MUC could look into hosting that.

Yes we are talking about it right now…

We’ve posted to this forum numerous times in the past several months asking for volunteers to serve on the local organizing committee for NAUCC 2004 and / or the USA’s Events Committee. We haven’t received any replies (where, “I think we should have NAUCC [fill in the location here],” without an offer to help locate venues is not counted as a reply).

MUC were invited to host NAUCC 2004, but they felt they were too new a club to take on the responsibility (and that holding NAUCC in the heat of a Memphis summer would be challenging). We hope they will feel differently after getting a little more experience under their belts.

We are currently looking into a potential location for NAUCC 2004 that was brought to our attention this past weekend. We hope to have something positive to report on this potential location soon.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Incorporated

hell on wheel is based primarily in richmond, virgina. thats still pretty far from florida, but in the neighborhood