SE Michigan Riders (e.g. Novi Lakeshore Park)

So, there I was minding my own business MUniing alongside my wife on her very first mountain bike ride ever. When out of the distance I hear, “What do you have? Kris Holm?”

That’s when I realized that I wasn’t alone. (cue Jaws music)

I knew that we have quite an active unicyclist community here just outside of Detroit. Heck, Sem Abrahms lives in the same city that I grew up in. I met him recently and was told about uni hockey and basketball that the RTUC (Redford Township Unicycle Club) participates in. I have however never met another unier other than in parades or shows. And I was never informed by Mr. Abrahms that the RTUC takes part in other fun adventures such as MUni.

So, color me quite shocked when out of the blue there were not one but TWO MUniers at the same park at the same time as me. So you guys (actually one guy and one girl) if you are reading this, HI. I’d really like to ride with more unis, so for you two and for any other Detroit area unicyclists that may be hiding in the woodworks, let’s use this thread as a scheduling place to come and work out times to ride and such.

Nice meeting you two.

I’m about 2 hours south of Detroit, but I don’t ride MUni.

I just wanted to say, “Hi,” so you know that there are more riders than you or I think there are in Michigan.

I ride in michigan, about two and a half hours east of detroit. Wasn’t me though.

Hey there. Thanks for chiming in. I know there are a lot of riders, I just didn’t know any of them were interested in MUni.

Either you drive really slowly or you live in Ohio. :slight_smile:

Either you drive really slowly or you live in Canada. :slight_smile:

But seriously, thanx for replying. Peeps that live around here, speak up, or forever hold your peace…er…or ride alone…or something like that.

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That was me!

Hi! That was me (and Marcus). We’re planning to ride again next Tuesday at Novi Tree Farm. We’ll meet about 6:30.

I’m also interested in riding Sunday afternoons. Maybury is a good ride. If you’re ever interested in doing that just let me know.


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O, duhhh, I am west of Detroit.

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Some of us are planning to ride at Council Point Park in Lincoln Park on Monday evening (August 28th) about 7. Paved trails, not muni, but still fun.

Hi there. Hopefully I’ll be able to make next Tuesday. And perhaps we could do a bit this Sunday at Lakeshore if you wanted. My brother’s b-day party is about 4 that day, and it’s just down the street a mile or so from there, so that would be cool if you’re up for it. I’m not too far from Maybury, so I can get over there pretty much anytime after 6 or so, and I’m pretty much free everyday. Just give me a day, and I’ll be over there.

Oh, and when’s the Waterford thing?

I understand though. Being only a bit outside of Detroit, I always want to look at it as Detroit is the main direction to go. And the first direction on a compass (reading left to right) is west, and I want to make some sort of correlation between Detroit’s direction and west. Thus flipping the world upside down…but really, who’s more important, the rest of everyone in the world, or the two of us? :wink:

That’s cool, who’s “some of us”?

“Us” would be RTUC. You’ve already met Wendy and Marcus who are also part of RTUC.

We’ve been meeting on Monday nights for rides in various parks around town. This is the last one for the summer. Come if you can. Of course that might mean two days in a row of unicycling if you go to Novi on Tuesday.

Starting in October, I think, we’ll have an indoor gym for Monday night practice.

The Waterford thing is Saturday, August 26th.

Okay, I wasn’t sure if it was them or just you and some friends. I saw on your website that you have trail rides. Is that open to anyone, or do they have to be a member of the RTUC?

Everyone is welcome!

Cool, good to know.

Your park rides, are they all on paved trails, or off-road at all? And this is the last trail ride for the summer totally? And if so, what about some of you just getting together in a non-group format for a trail ride or two?

Monday’s rides are usually on paved trails. This is just the last Monday ride I’ll set up for the year because it starts to get dark earlier and the kids will be back in school. We have the gym for winter practice. The group that goes muni-ing may continue, Wendy can let you know about those rides. I don’t do very good off-road so I usually am the one who organizes the rides on pavement so that our beginners and families can get together for an easy ride. Sometimes they involve a ride from the park to the an cream stand and sometimes we ride distance.

You should organize something yourself and invite everyone. You never know who might show up.

Well, two problems with that:

  1. I don’t know anyone else that unis.
  2. My idea of “organizing something” is telling everyone to pick a place and I’ll show up. :slight_smile:

But seriously, yeah. I’d like to ride with anyone that wants to, so, all of you RTUCers tell the rest of your clan to come on here, and we can “organize” :slight_smile: something together.

Looks like we’re getting rained out tonight. Yes, some of us are wimps and don’t like to ride in the cold rain!

Oh well, to make up for a missed ride, I think I’ll go out on one of my midnight rides.

(if that nasty line of thunderstorms in Chicago doesn’t get here to mess that up):stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, my wife and I were riding at Lakeshore tonight and were only half way through when it started pouring. The tree canopy worked pretty well as an umbrella, though, fortunately.

So, another one pops their head in. Hey there. Do you muni? :wink: