SD Compilation

few clips.

did my best backward railride

Best rail rider in the world !

+0.5! He’s there with mike taylor IMO :smiley:
Amazing video, hope you get your good camera back soon :wink:

loved every sec.
even the small 'slip&slide’s ’ …:smiley:
wished I had that amount of time to practise skinnies !!!
Keep on Standing!! (Calling it sitstills would be better, wouldn’t it???)

dude your amazing at skinnes i cant believe how good you are. now all you have to do is hop to them to tire :smiley: like joe a mark just awesome :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the comments!

i’d like to just be able to pedal grab up and on to a rail :p. that’s what i’ll go for next i suppose

You’ve motivated me to practice riding rails more.Had an epic session today :smiley: