I really like the scupltures, but what they really need is some unsupervised fire! Just kidding. i’m gald to see you had fun on your trip. Unicycle sightings are very awesome.

thanks catboy!.
Thing is with fire toys… most airlines dont allow fuel soaked wicks on to the planes.! so i couldnt take my fire toys with me.
Second to that why do they have to go and give a weight restriction on planes too for luggage… my case with a few clothes was borderlining the weight limit so there was no way i was going to get my unicycle there too, so i had to settle with driving instead for transport… there are some nice towns and cities that im looking forward to riding around when i move there in a few months time and there are the mountains… oooo its gonna be fun, and Serena wants to learn to ride uni too … she seems to have fallen in love with Andrew Carters short films.

and this one!


Beautiful forms created by talented human…

Not eg…WATERCLOSET SPLASHED WITH SOME SHIT…with the inspiring title… “Suffering of a drag addict”.(I am certainly ephatic with the addict).:wink: