I did that video while my hollidays in Vodice / Croatia, I hope you like it a bit, I had a lot of fun while filming :smiley:

watch it
download it

Very nice.

11??? Really?? Keep it up :smiley:

I liked the water section at the end, and the other stuff was good too. hope you will continue getting better :wink:

That was a really cool video!!! Very original. :slight_smile: Keep on the good work Darja!!!

Just Cooool…
Liked every second of it…
(die unterwasseraufnamen haben mir sehr inspiriert, danke… danke…)
Hau weiter so stark rein!!!:wink:
mit fetten Grüssen aus NL, Rob

Yeah Darja! That was cool!
I liked the riding on the bridge and the water stuff was cool. I really liked the camera angles :slight_smile:

I was surprised when you first jumped into the water with the camera.

That was very cool, I liked the bridge and the ending. Looked like alot of fun.


Thank You! Yes, it was a lot of fun!