Scuba Uni

Okay so I finally got to go on my uni dive while I was down in mexico and had a little bit of footage from it. It was quite fun but very challenging. I took like thirty pounds of weight to keep on the bottom when I normally only dive with ten. There was also a rather strong current so trying to return to the pier was quite a challenge. I didn’t have that long because I only had the camera for a short dive but it was a wonderful adventure. A great way to come up with new things to advance and a terribly fun way to ruin a unicycle. Happy holidays. Enjoy. Comment. Share.:slight_smile:


Haha that was awesome! Must be what it would be like to ride a uni on the moon! Glad to see that you used a cheapie instead of a high quality uni in salt water!:smiley: Could also have called it, “SCUni”!

You should’ve entered the Invent a Trick Competition. I don’t know if there is a rule against being underwater :wink:

That was very cool. I’m envious of the fact that you got to scuba dive in Mexico, let alone bring a unicycle.

Whoa this is like the coolest video of all time, I love it.

You should pull off that Sutton flip on ground…

Looked fun

That was awesome.

cool!!! looks like you had lots of fun :smiley:
maybe i´d land the 180 unispin if i try it under water :roll_eyes:

That was amazing haha

I’ve wanted to try this soo badly. It’s one of my goals in life. I’ve unicycled in my pool, and scuba dived, but never unicycle scuba dived. Great way to ruin a uni. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that you went to Ernesto’s for Fajitas after that wet and wily ride…
Too cool.

Very creative!! :smiley:
Nice 720 :wink:


You rock.

What, no rails?:stuck_out_tongue: That was fun to watch. Looks like slow motion trials is more difficult than I would have imagined! The Sutton flip will go down in uni history.


Dude that was sick ! talk about low impact for your knees

I am so doing that if I find a learner uni for cheap. My dad teaches scuba diving so I would be able to dive with ease. :smiley:


Cool! The unispins work really well… you should have gone for the world record :slight_smile: But you did manage the first back flip!
The terrain looked a bit rough for rolling, but the boulders were good for hops.
Everything looks so fun… I wanna try that!

haha thanks for the comments. This is a very good way to come up with new tricks and just a very cool experience. It is most certainly not easy at first but the learning curve is quick even though everything else isn’t. As to the tricks it is more a control of your buoyancy and determination. I was going to do a 1080 unispin but it is actually just such a hassle to rotate I put a ton of effort into that 720. I tried crank flips but the momentum is non-existent so thus my hand had to help a bit. There were some other good tricks that did not make it to tape but this was not really about setting records but inspiring something new. I think that scuba uni should be taken off the list of things you should not do on your unicycle because everyone that has the chance should try. Make sure to get someone to take your fins though because that was difficult to do much without them while lugging a unicycle in that current. Please do try these tricks at home.It is a wonderful way to get ideas for new things to try such as the sutton flip that I would love to see someone land on the ground. Grab your cheapy uni and hit the deep end. All you need is a camera, some weights, and and imagination and there are all sorts of possibilities. Most of all ride for fun and spread joy.

omg :astonished: that was awesome !!! :slight_smile:
Looks very fun to do it :slight_smile:

funny video
it is great fun:D